Update 2020: new Pwrmeals delivery windows

Fresh strawberry produce

We're fixing a common source of confusion for our Pwrmeals customers – our delivery times.

Our current delivery times were initially designed to accommodate orders right up until the last minute before our cook, but this resulted in cut off times (ie. 7pm) that made sense to us internally, but were artificial and confusing to customers who didn't know – or care! – about our internal processes.

Starting from January 2020, orders placed from Saturday–Monday will be delivered on Wednesdays, and orders placed Tuesday–Friday will be delivered on Sundays.

New order delivery times

Simpler ordering

As mentioned above, removing the 7pm cutoff times makes things much clearer for customers. Also, as the number of orders placed has continued to grow, so our cook times have gotten longer and longer.

Rather than moving the 7pm cutoff earlier (say to midday), and then 6 months later moving it earlier still as the cook size increased again, we decided to simply move it to the day before.

Doing so also allows us to...

...keep delivering the freshest meal prep in Sydney

Other businesses like ours have addressed this issue by cooking their individual meals in bulk days or weeks in advance, and then storing them in a freezer until delivery day.

While this would certainly make our lives easier, at Pwrmeals we're committed to delivering the freshest meals possible, and we believe that pre–freezing our meals compromises their nutritional value and taste, particularly that of the vegetables.

These new delivery windows allow us to continue our commitment to cooking just hours before we deliver our meals to you. 

    Our new delivery times help us:

    • Make things simpler for both order placement and meal delivery,
    • Allows us room to grow without inconveniencing you, and,
    • Helps us deliver on our commitment to being the freshest meal prep in Sydney.

    If you have any questions let us know via our contact us page, or check out the delivery details page for more info.

    Thanks for your continued support over 2019! Without each of you we wouldn't be lucky enough to be tackling challenges related to growth :)

    Happy new year 🎉
    The team at Pwrmeals.