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Supporting the community has always been a core part of who we are. Below you can find out more about how Pwrmeals gives back to the community.

Buy a meal – Give a meal

Pwrmeals partners with groups like Empowerment Tribe to deliver to families in need, and you can join in too!

Add this virtual product to your cart and we'll send a meal to a family in need. Not only that, but we'll match it – so that your single meal/$10 donation gets boosted to a double meal/$20 donation. That's great value for money!

Thanks for supporting our local communities 😊

Number of meal's donated

Thanks to the generosity of customers like you, as of November 2021 we've been able to donate an amazing 1208 meals to people in need! 🎉

Organisations we support

Empowerment Tribe is an inspiring group of women who have come together to help feed members of the community. This group of friends joined forces and put their time and resources towards helping families in need with food supplies, particularly in Sydney's western suburbs. We are beyond excited to work with this amazing organisation.

You can learn more about them on their Linktree page.

Family stories / testimonies

"The meals were absolutely delicious, the flavours and different textures made it perfect. I have never tried couscous before and i absolutely loved it. Since eating your meals I have lost 2.7 kilos and would recommend them to anyone"

— Recipient of meals for one month

"The delivery and the packaging of the food is great, all put in a cooler liner with an ice pack so its kept fresh. The meals are convenient for myself, the sizing of the meals is perfect. I've been struggling with my weight due to leaving a domestically violent relationship, then COVID-19 happened and Pwrmeals has been the perfect opportunity to loose weight and finally look after myself. Thank you so much for this opportunity"

— Recipient of meals for one month

"Thank you so much for your support"

— Recipient of meals for one month

Recent blog posts

Empowerment Tribe x Pwrmeals

Empowerment Tribe × Pwrmeals: Community PWR. Empowerment Tribe is an inspiring group of women who came together to help feed members of our community. We're excited to be working with them by donating meals to feed families in need throughout September. We recently caught up with Hope Douglas to find out a little bit more about them and what they're up to.

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