Get $100 off with our November 2021 promotion

Our biggest promo ever. Get a $100 Pwrmeals gift card with your fourth subscription delivery!

How it works…

How it works
Pwrmeals $100 gift card promotion
  1. Start a new subscription, or have an existing one already running between November 1st and November 15th
  2. Get four orders delivered with a minimum order size of $100. (These can be normal weekly/fortnightly deliveries – they don't all need to be delivered in November.)
  3. Then after your fourth delivery we'll automatically send you a Pwrmeals gift card for $100!

And that's it!

If you've already a subscriber there's nothing you need to do – you're already eligible 😁

We'll process and email out the gift cards every Friday, starting the week of November 15th.

What's a Pwrmeals Gift Card, and what can I do with it?

Basically, you'll get one of these loaded up with $100.

You can use it on anything in our store, and can even gift it on to someone else if you like (early Christmas present anyone? 😛)

The only gotcha is that – for technical reasons – you can't use it towards a subscription. These gift cards only work for regular one-off purchases.

What's a subscription?

A Pwrmeals subscription is the easiest way to have a weeks worth of nutritious meals sorted, without giving up any flexibility.

You can subscribe to as many (or as few) meals/meal plans as you like. You can pause, swap or cancel any meal subscription – or all of your subscriptions – whenever you like from your account page. No lock in plans here 🎉

To learn more check out our subscriptions FAQ!